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Corporate Presentations

The corporate presentation is hard to get right. It may need to be presented in a number of different settings, to different audiences, and at different levels. Many companies are let down by their corporate presentation.

Platinum Point Media uses video to tell your story and works closely with those of you who have the responsibility to present your companies credentials. Make your corporate presentation’s key messages memorable……Platinum Point Media will help you to do just that!

Website Presentations

Website presentations can be daunting, even for the seasoned IT Professional or the individual in your company that has been handed the additional duties of updating your website. Videos can be especially problematic because they are in a variety of formats and can take extensive time to load and display properly.

Platinum Point Media can handle the creation and display of your website presentations by giving you just the professional touch you need.

Employee Training

Video presents a money-saving way of training your employees over and over again. If you use a ‘live person’ to train the same subject matter at each class, you may find subtle differences in how the training is received by the audience.

With a video presentation, you now have a more professional training tool that does not change from class to class. The video can be edited to ensure consistency of the training material presented. With a training video, it can be disseminated far and wide in a popular format for use over and over again. A video will save your company travel and lodging expenses when a trainer must conduct classes remotely. Simply ship the video by DVD or ‘stream it’ to your remote site and all employees receive exactly the same training information.

Platinum Point Media will work closely with your training personnel to record and produce the training to ensure that you will receive a professional quality video on DVD or BLU-RAY.

Trade Shows/Conventions

Trade shows require your employees to interact with customers that may not have been exposed to your brand or service. They need to be able to talk with your potential customers about their company needs. The background should display a video or slideshow detailing the goods or services in a professional manner.

Platinum Point Media will work hand-in-hand with your marketing department to produce a trade show video that displays your professional image.

Platinum Point Media will also travel to your trade show or convention, record the activities and interactions in high-definition, and produce high-quality media for dissemination to your business contacts and customers.


Your customers are the most important part of the success or failure of your company. Most people are happy to be able to give a testimonial because they have received great service or been treated exceptionally. Platinum Point Media can help with videotaping them for you.  We will produce excellent quality, high-definition media, which you can use on your website, disseminate at your trade shows/conventions or use them in your customer marketing campaigns.

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