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A video deposition will be invaluable to you, your client and your case.  Video depositions will allow you to assess the credibility of a witness and show how believable that witness might become to a jury or a judge.  It will capture much more than a stenographically recorded session to assist the arbitrator, jury or judge to make a more informed decision.  Using the latest audio and video recording equipment, Platinum Point Media will capture clear audio, crisp video and every tone, facial expression, uncontrolled movement, hesitation and emotion you want the viewer to see.

    • 'Synchronized with Transcript' - Video depositions can be ‘synchronized’ with the court reporters text to your firm’s trial software (SUMMATION, TRIAL LAWYER, etc.), PowerPoint, or edit to a format that is ready to play at trial. Platinum Point Media will work, hand-in-hand, with the Court Reporter to handle everything in ‘Realtime.’ We will schedule the Court Reporter for you, as well…….giving you a complete “turnkey” solution for your important ‘day in court.’ We work with the best Court Reporters which can handle everything up to Real-Time. Contact us and we will schedule the Court Reporter for you. You have your own Court Reporter? Tell them to contact Platinum Point Media for your video.
    • MPEG-1 Format  -  It is designed to compress video down without excessive quality loss and it is editable by you.
    • DVD Format   -   Simply the format most widely used by the typical DVD player you have in your office or home.



Platinum Point Media services include, but are not limited to, the following…..

  • Site Inspections - Rain or shine, we will capture video and audio to support your presentation, indoors or out. Normally these are recorded for insurance claims, etc.
  • ‘Day-In-The-Life’ - These videos will capture how your client is living his or her life, post-accident or event. While there is no scripting or narration, the inclusion of interviews with family and friends will maximize your impact in mediation or trial. They would include footage of home-life, hospital stays, rehabilitation or whatever other activity that would be necessary.

Trial Preparation

  • ‘Sync’ video with deposition transcript
  • Trial edits
  • Reenactments
    • Our professional videographers will assist you in following a pre-arranged plan to re-create factual and pertinent reenactments of an accident or injury or other event.
  • Settlement Brochures - The Settlement Brochure, sometimes called Demand Video, is most accurately known as a Mediation Documentary, as it focuses on the coverage of liability and damages and is presented during a mediation proceeding or arbitration hearing.

This is only a small portion of the professional LEGAL services we can provide to you. Please contact Platinum Point Media for additional legal services available to you.


Our professional videographers and court reporters can be made available to record your needs out-of-town or out-of-the country. Contact Platinum Point Media to fill your professional media needs. Contact Platinum Point Media for more information on how we can help.

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