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Video and Social Media…

It is the ‘sharing’ of content….news, photos, videos, content, audio with people, especially those in your network. Initially, you will be ‘sharing’ with people you know, or people who wish to know you. Now you become ‘discoverable’ since your friends or the people you are affiliated with will start to ‘re-share’ your content. Every time they share it with someone you are being exposed to new, potential customers. Social media can be quite effectively when video is used as a marketing tool for your business.

Think of it like this. You know 20 people who are online and you decide to enroll in Twitter or Facebook to share your personal or business thoughts with them. You are hoping that they will share with others in their ‘social media network’………and they do. So, the 20 people you initially shared your content with is not sharing with 400 others and those 400 are sharing with over 8000 friends and potential customers for your business. It is a ‘snowball’ which is rolling downhill and adding more volume as it speeds up.

Platinum Point Media can create that content for you, professionally and have high-definition results in no time at all using state-of-the-art equipment and professional videographers and editors. Social Media distribution is FREE and you can compete with the largest companies on the block, having an equal footing when telling your story. Why pay for broadcast network advertising when you have access to YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Twitter, your company website, and much, much more?

The internet is here to stay and everyone is taking advantage of ‘getting it out there!’……for FREE! Edison Research Group did a massive study in mid-2012, analyzing social media usage trends. One of their most interesting findings was this diagnosis:

“Sixty million Americans have “the social habit,” meaning they log in to social networking sites several times a day.”

As you consider how you can maximize social media’s benefits for your business, remember the importance of providing your users with a valuable personal experience. Branding and marketing are still vital, but beyond that, users must feel truly connected to you and your product. Our fast-paced technological culture has created untold opportunities to reach new prospects. To be successful in this new, interactive world, social media is essential to a winning business and video is the tool to accomplish that.

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