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Special Moments


Your Special Day, is a once-in-a-lifetime moment and deserves to be captured by an experienced, professional videographer. Don’t trust this day to just anyone.    Platinum Point Media will make this important event, even more important by capturing it in High Definition and creating media that can be played on any DVD player.   Our experienced professionals will capture the moment with professional 3 chip, solid hard drive, high-definition camera’s and professional microphones.

We will customize the wedding with your total participation, so that your memory of the wedding day will be just as you dreamed it should be.   To ease the burden of trying to tie all the loose ends together, Platinum Point Media works with the top wedding photographers in your area and we will schedule a photographer at your request.   Working within your budget, your wedding will be videotaped with one to four cameras and professionally edited to your satisfaction.   Rely on the experienced, committed specialist at Platinum Point Media for the quality and keepsake memory that will be passed down through the generations.

Don’t let this special day escape the professional and experienced attention that Platinum Point Media can give to you. Schedule your wedding with us today!


Your children grow up so fast that you don’t have a chance to capture every moment of their importance to you.   Ensure that those important moments in your child’s life are captured professionally and that you have a high-definition record.

On your child’s graduation day, you and your family will be totally engulfed in the moment and may miss an important shot, which will forever be lost to you and your child.   With a professional videographer from Platinum Point Media, your child’s graduation day will be captured, remembered and cherished for a long time to come.

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An engagement can be a spontaneous moment and capturing it can be quite elusive and hard to do.   Call Platinum Point Media to help you plan and capture that moment that both of you can ‘relive’ the rest of your lives.   Platinum Point Media can help you plan how that moment can be captured.   You can then concentrate on how you plan to do it, without worrying about capturing the important details, which we will do for you.   Contact us now to set up an appointment to discuss the details.

Don’t wait until it’s too late.


Capturing your children’s recital with your iPhone or a hand-held camera can be exasperating and keep you from enjoying that moment.   You need to concentrate on enjoying the performance. Let Platinum Point Media worry about how to capture the best view and sound.   We will work with the event venue to ensure that we can videotape the event and give you a professional video with a recording that will last a lifetime.   Call to schedule a time to meet and discuss the details of that upcoming recital.

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